The UK Sailmakers Rules Quiz Program

UK Sailmaker’s online Rules Quiz has been called “the easiest way to learn the Racing Rules of Sailing.” Every four years, when the International Sailing Federation updates the Racing Rules of Sailing, UK’s Rules experts go back to the drawing board and create a fresh collection of animated quizzes to test sailors’ knowledge of key Rules, providing interpretations of the Rules, and giving detailed answers to the question of “who was right and why.” This year, along with updating the content of the quizzes themselves, UK has revamped the technology driving the Rules Quiz, creating more informative and interesting interactive quizzes.

The new Rules Quiz program has been retooled from stem to stern, reflecting the latest techniques in online learning tools. To help better understand the situations as they unfold and the ultimate answers, UK has added graphic teaching aids including overlap lines, a circle showing the zone, a rotatable grid in one-boatlength increments, the ability to see the past positions of the boats as they advance through the situation, and the ability to see the track lines of the boats. A user-friendly slide bar allows users to easily advance or reverse the animation to a precise position. The new animations are bigger, more colorful, and the boats moving across the screen are more realistic and lifelike.

With this program being hosted in the Cloud, you’ll be able to access it from multiple platforms, like your office computer, home computer, iPad, phone or even the computer on your boat – as long as you have Internet access. Another major difference from past versions is that these new Rules Quizzes are not being developed using Flash technology whereby they can be run on virtually any device.

As an added benefit, all the answers are written in the same format in which protest committees write up their decisions. The facts found come first followed by the Rules that apply; and wherever a Rule or a defined word is used in the text, it is linked to the actual written Rule or definition. Everything you need to learn the new Rules is right there on one screen.

The quiz program is available for $55.00 US through the UK Sailmakers online store.

Go to the quiz program, click here.

Quiz animation with no teaching aids activated.

Zone around the Mark.

Stern lines show if overlaps exist.

Add the grid to see how far apart boats are or how far from the mark they are. Grid lines are one boatlength apart.

Ghosting Aid to helps you see where the boats were at different points in time.

Course line shows the paths of the boats throughout the quiz

Any combination of teaching aids can be called up. This example shows the zone, the grid and the stern lines.

Go to the quiz program, click here.

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